Comprehensive hearing assessments in Chelsea

We start with a comprehensive hearing assessment and history, which allows us to provide quality advice on hearing protection, tinnitus and hearing aids.

Hearing Aids
We work with all:

  • Hearing aids from all major manufacturers.
  • Hearing aid styles
  • Manufacturers
  • Hearing aid features

Hearing Tests
Industry leading, best practice hearing tests. In-depth and comprehensive so that we can give you the best advice.

Noise Protection
Off the shelf and custom build hearing protection and musician’s earplugs. Your hearing is precious, let us help you protect it from noise damage.

Balance Testing
Balance is important to healthy, active and happy living.  Balance and vestibular testing is done through Ears in Balance

Chelsea Hearing will be closed on Monday, March 11 for the Labour Day public holiday.

About Chelsea Hearing

Offering High-Quality Hearing Aids, Hearing Tests & Hearing Care
As an Independent hearing healthcare provider who is both Hearing Services Program (HSP) accredited and NDIS registered, I offer hearing aids from all of the major hearing aid manufacturers.   My independence means that you will get personalised advice and recommendations for you and your hearing loss.
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ServicesWe also provide

Tinnitus Management


Vestibular (balance / dizziness) assessment through Ears in Balance

NDIS Registered

  • Independent
  • Work with all manufacturers
  • No pressure!
  • Modern Equipment
  • Large testing booths

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06 Sep 2022

New study: Signia rechargeable hearing aids cut environmental impact by 65%

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06 Sep 2022

Oticon Gives the Entry-Level Hearing Aid Category a Giant Technology Boost

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06 Sep 2022

Phonak unveils Lumity, the new hearing aid platform for fully immersive conversations in virtually any situation

Stäfa, Switzerland, August 23, 2022 – Phonak, a leading global provider of life-changing hearing solutions, today announces that its next generation of hearing aids will be powered by…