Rechargeable hearing aid batteries offer a number of advantages, including:

  • Greater ease of use: No need to deal with small batteries on a regular basis. Hearing aids can simply be placed into a charger at night. This is particularly beneficial for users with dexterity challenges.
  • Environmentally friendly: Over a three-year time span, two digital hearing aids will use an average of more than 500 disposable hearing aid batteries (one battery per week, per hearing aid over 5 years). An average of only two lithium-ion rechargeable batteries would be used under the same conditions.
  • Cost effective: Over the life of the hearing aids, rechargeable batteries may be more cost effective. For people on the Hearing Services Program with a maintenance agreement this may not be the case.
  • Convenience: No need to remember to purchase new batteries or locate them when they are needed. But you do need to take your charger and have a power source.

Rechargeable heairng aids are available in behind the ear / receiver in the canal styles, and more recently in custom In The Ear (ITE) / In the Canal (ITC) styles.

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