Chelsea Hearing is an independant audiology clinic, owned and operated by Cathryn Williams.  We opened in 2015, and choose to keep the clinic small so that we can provide a high level of individual care.   We beleive it is important that you are able to see the same audiologist, so whenever possible we will book your appointment with your usual audiologist.  We work closely with local doctors and other allied health professionals.

Being indpendant means that we don’t have any sales targets, or pressure to fit heairng aids from particular manufacturers.  We will explained your results, explain your options to you then allow you to make your own decision about proceeing with heairng aids if appropraite.  We have accounts will all of the major heairng aid manufacturers.

University Qualified Audiologists

Our audiologists have a Master’s degrees in audiology and are members of Audiology Australia.  They are also required to participate in ongoing education and professional development each year.  This including attending conferences, training on new hearing aid features and software, and clinical case discussions.

Better Hearing For You

We believe that better hearing for you should be a long term deal, that’s why we offer consistent aftercare.

True Care

We really care about our customers, and are committed to delivering better hearing to the people who come to us. We ensure they are treated like family
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The best equipment available

Most Modern Up-To-Date Testing
We have invested heavily in high quality audiological equipment including large purpose built sound booths.  Our equipment is calibrated annually.  This allows us to obtain accurate results that will help us to make the right recommendation for you.

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Get to know me better

What is Independent?
Independence means that I have no contractual agreements to provide one particular Manufacturer’s hearing aids. Nor as a business owner do I have a Regional Manager pressurizing me for figures. It simply means I can offer the best hearing aid for you and your hearing loss from a huge choice of hearing devices. It allows me to fit the hearing aids that are going to be most suitable for you.

My Philosophy
My philosophy is simple, I want to offer the best hearing health care possible in a friendly but professional environment. For me, relationships with my customers are more important than sales figures. You will never feel pressured here and your first consultation is always free. So let’s work together to make sure you hear as well as possible.

Commitment To Quality
I love the joy that I can bring when someone is able to hear well and re-connect to their family and social life. That feeling has made me ever committed to offering the highest quality in all that I do. I am committed to helping you hear better and re-connect with your world and the people that you love.