We've put together a list of some of the most common hearing aid features. Click on the feature to find out more abut it.

This is the most important feature in terms of reducing background noise.  Directional microphones focus to the front, reducing background noise as long as the speech is coming from the front and the background noise is coming from another direction.

Reduces the volume in channels with constant noise.  This feature helps the hearing aids sound natural.

Recognises sudden sharp sounds as being different to speech and does not amplify theses sounds.  They features helps the hearing aids sound natural.

Many hearing aids will connect directly to an iPhone or Android phone, allowing you to hear phone calls through your hearing aids.  This is the best way to improve clarity when using the phone.  It’s important to know what type of mobile phone you have so that we can make sure your new hearing will be compatible with your mobile phone.

Some venues are fitting with a hearing loop.  If you have a telecoil you can change into the telecoil program to access the sound through your hearing aids.  This is older technology now, and can be prone to interference.

Detects whistling sound that was common older hearing aids and cancels it out.

High frequency sounds are shifted down, benefits of this can include access to higher frequency sounds, and improved feedback management.

Better for the environment, makes the hearing aids easier to manage.

This relates to how accurately the hearing aids can be fine-tuned, and how accurately features such as noise work across the frequency range.

Note that not all features are available in all hearing aids.  This is not a complete list of all hearing aid features. 

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