Oticon Gives the Entry-Level Hearing Aid Category a Giant Technology Boost

Oticon’s new entry-level family of Oticon Jet hearing aids help people with hearing loss to thrive, with great quality sound, even in noisy environments. With nine styles to choose from, more users can now be fitted with a highly capable hearing aid based on Oticon’s BrainHearing™ philosophy.

Oticon is pleased to announce that it is upgrading all of the audiology technology in its entry-level hearing aids with the launch of Oticon Jet. Focusing on providing great sound quality, Oticon Jet is built on the super-fast Velox™ platform, delivering Oticon’s unique brain-first approach to hearing care.

The Open Sound Experience
Helping people with hearing loss to thrive and enjoy their surroundings, even in noisy venues such as bars and restaurants, Oticon Jet focuses on doing the most important task of providing great quality sound. Thanks to Oticon’s Velox™ platform, Oticon Jet users benefit from a powerful processor providing fast and adaptive sound processing which delivers a precise and detailed sound picture. The power of Velox enables fast, multiband adaptive directionality in fifteen independent frequency channels. This enhances the opportunity to distinguish between noises that are spectrally different from each other more precisely, delivering users great sound quality. And, for the first time in an entry level hearing aid, Oticon Jet introduces fast, effective noise reduction – even in between words. Oticon Jet even includes Feedback Shield LX to suppress bothersome feedback, providing users better all-day comfort. Now, Oticon’s BrainHearing™ philosophy is more widely available than ever before.

“Oticon Jet introduces innovative technology in the entry-level category and delivers a more progressive way of supporting people with hearing loss,” says Thomas Behrens, Vice President of Audiology, Oticon. “We have made it a whole lot easier for hearing care professionals to offer a better sound quality for more users with a significant technology boost in this comprehensive family of entry-level products. Multiband adaptive directionality and noise reduction completely change the sound experience for users, so we are extremely proud to offer these technologies with Oticon Jet. Hearing care professionals can also find better solutions to suit a vast variety of needs and wishes. With Oticon Jet, users can enjoy both great sound and great choice in the entry-level category.”

Styles and Connectivity
With nine styles to offer, ranging from a sleek miniRITE to a tiny custom IIC, the comprehensive family of JET hearing aids has a fit to suit most users. There are also up to 10 fitting bands helping hearing care professionals to personalise fittings up to 105 dBHL level for clients with hearing loss ranging from slight to profound.

Completing the powerful line-up of features that the new entry-level hearing aids from Oticon have to offer, is a quality wireless connectivity package. Oticon Jet boasts wireless connectivity with a wealth of accessories, including the Oticon ON app, TV Adapter, ConnectClip, EduMic, and more. Oticon Jet is a Made For iPhone® hearing aid, and so also offers direct streaming from iPhone, iPad® and iPod Touch®, while users with Android™ devices can simply stream audio to their hearing aids using ConnectClip. Oticon Jet connects via advanced Bluetooth® Low Energy technology, which reduces energy consumption when streaming to support battery longevity.