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Need help with your hearing? Amplifiers may be the answer

Amplifiers May help You 

Chelsea Hearing stocks a range of amplifiers for people who prefer this option to hearing aids, or for people who prefer to use this in addition to their hearing aids  

TV Amplifiers

Many people find TV amplifiers very useful.  Many people get a TV amplifier before they are ready to consider hearing aids.  Many people who wear hearing aids also find the TV amplifiers a great option for watching TV.  Our 2 favourite options are the Sennheiser RS 195 (headphones) and the Sennheiser RS 5000 (earphones).  

Sennheiser RS 195

Sennheiser RS 195 headphones for hard of hearing people

Private:  $649.00 (current at January 2017)

These headphones are an outstanding solution for listening to audio from your stereo or TV with complete freedom. Designed for people with a hearing loss, the RS195 is the most adjustable headphone solution model from Sennheiser with 7 different frequency responses to choose from. They offer left-right balance (a great feature if your hearing is not the same in both ears), and a volume control. 

The RS 195 also gives you a choice of amazing listening modes. The "Speech Mode" reduces background noise and enhances speech intelligibility, while the "Music Mode" reproduces music with an increased dynamic range to perfectly preserve the sound, allowing it to be delivered to you as the musician intended. 

The RS 195 headphones are fitted with highest quality transducers, which will produce rich and detailed sound, so even if you are the most demanding of music lover, you should be pleased. Using an innovative digital wireless transmission technology, the headphones have a range of an astonishing 100m.

Which means that you get a clear signal within a range of up to 100m. The RS 195 transmitter supports analog and digital audio inputs with the option of toggling. So, you are free to wander from room to room listening to your favourite music and TV programmes. The headphones’ are designed that so that you can enjoy hours of comfortable listening.

Sennheiser RS 5000

Sennheiser RS 5000 headphones

Private:  $499.00 (current at January 2017)   The RS 5000 has two earphones and sits under the chin.  The option is often preferred by people wanting something a little smaller or lighter than the RS195 and by people who dislike the over the head headphones.  This device is also designed for people with hearing loss and has 3 different frequency responses to choose from, left-right balance, and a very good volume control. 

The system consists of a base station transmitter which is also a charger unit for the wireless headset. The base station connects to your TV and the wireless headset receiver sits onto it to charge. Sennheiser has designed the device to help people who have difficulty hearing the TV clearly. In fact, the unit uses a new TV Speech Intelligibility feature to deliver better clarity for people with mild hearing loss.

The feature works by making speech easier to understand. They have designed it to dynamically reduce background noise which is part of the TV audio but may interfere with the spoken word.

The headset allows you to hear the transmitted audio within a range of up to 70 m. We tested it out walking around the house and got no audio drop out. It will also deliver up to 12 hours of playing time. Which we imagine would be enough to please even the heaviest TV addict.The headset is ultralight. Because of the way you wear it, it puts no pressure on your ears or temples even during long sessions. it has an auto-off function and when not in use, it just switches itself off. You can also adjust the volume of sound on the headset and change your hearing profiles.

Amplifiers for Speech

Starkey AMP

Starkey Amp

If you want to hear better but aren't sure you're ready for a hearing aid, You should think about the AMP.

Starkey has designed the AMP to be a hearing solution so tiny it fits invisibly in your ear canal where no one can see it.  It's comfortable, works well with many levels of hearing loss and is designed specifically for first-time hearing solution users. However, the Starkey AMP is NOT custom made, but the sleeve that houses it comes in 3 different sizes that fit most average sized ear canals.

If you are only using the device for a short period of time it is usually comfortable, but if you need to use them all day you will most likely be more comfortable with hearing aids. Starkey AMP is suitable for mild hearing losses only, and although some adjustment is possible the adjustments are much more basic than is possible with true hearing aids.

A Full Hearing Assesment

We will only sell this device after we have done a full hearing assessment to ensure that this is a suitable option. We will also do the initial set up for you.  The total cost of these devices is $295 per AMP device, plus $150 for hearing assessment and set up (current in January 2017).

Two things you need to know:

  • The Starkey AMP only comes with a 1-year warranty. 
  • This device does not come with a trial period.

Belman Audio Mini personal amplifierBelman Audio Mino with Headphones 

This is a great option for someone who has a hearing loss and needs amplification but is not capable of managing hearing aids. The Mino needs to be charged each night. These devices are often looked after by a family member and can be fantastic for people in nursing homes, hospital etc. The Belman Audio Mino can be purchased over the counter, although we do prefer to do a hearing assessment first to make sure that any medical issues, (including wax blockage) have been identified.

The Mino is one of the smallest and most versatile personal amplifiers on the market. It’s lightweight and designed for people who want to carry it around in the pocket. While the Mino works with headphones and earphones, it will actually work with telecoil enabled hearing aids and cochlear implants. If you want to use it with hearing aids or Cochlear implants you will need an add-on device called the Belman Neck Loop which will work with your hearing devices telecoil programme. 

The Bellman Mino has a choice of omnidirectional (sound from everywhere) and directional (sound focused from the front) microphones. It also allows you to listen to sound from three sources, the internal microphone, a loop system or any audio source that can be connected to it by a 3.5mm jack. It truly is a versatile personal amplification product and ideal for anyone who may not be able to wear hearing aids or is just not ready to take the step of hearing aids. 

Belman Audio Maxi personal amplifierBelman Audio Maxi with Headphones

This is a great option for someone who has a hearing loss and needs amplification, but is not capable of managing hearing aids. The Maxi runs on 2 AA batteries that need to be replaced regularly.  The battery compartment can be a little tricky to open, so we don’t recommend this option for people with dexterity difficulties. 

You do need strong hands to change the batteries on this one. These devices are often looked after by a family member and can be fantastic for people in nursing homes, hospital etc. The Belman Audio Maxi can be purchased over the counter, although we do prefer to do a hearing assessment first to make sure that any medical issues, (including wax blockage) have been identified.

Maxi is probably the most robust and user-friendly personal amplifier that Belman provide. The buttons on the Maxi are specially designed for people with impaired vision or low dexterity.The Maxi will work with hearing aids and cochlear implants as well as with regular headphones or earphones. Again, for the device to work with hearing aids, they need to be telecoil enabled and you do need the extra Belman Neck Loop. 

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