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The Melbourne Hearing Aid Centre Dedicated To Providing The Best Hearing Aids Combine With Outstsanding Aftercare

Imagine a nice night out, no worrying about hearing, no tiredness from concentrating, just the simple joy of good friends and even better conversation

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My Values

Completely Independent, offering the hearing aids that are Best For You

We are an Independent Hearing Health care Provider based at Suite 3, 8 The Strand, Chelsea (The entrance is actually on Bath Street, confused us too!). We are dedicated to providing the latest hearing aids and the very best care possible.



I believe that long term relationships should have more value than short term sales figures, you will never be pressured here and I always offer your first appointment free

A Real Collaboration

The best results for you come from an open collaboration process between you and me for better hearing. That's why I commit to working with you until you are happy

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Better Hearing For You

I believe that better hearing for you should be a long term deal, that's why I offer consistent aftercare so you can enjoy your hearing and your life for years to come

True Care

I really care about my customers, I am committed to delivering better hearing to the people who come to me and they are treated like family, because that is what they become

Dedicated to providing high quality hearing aids, hearing tests and hearing healthcare

I have been working in the Audiology world since 2003, in that time I have worked both clinically and in Universities teaching students about hearing aids and how best to use them to help people hear better. I was first drawn to audiology when I saw the difficulties that some of my family members suffered and the benefits that a dedicated health professional delivered to them. I decided then that I wanted to help people hear.


In 2015, I decided to open my own hearing aid clinic in Melbourne to offer high-quality hearing aids, hearing tests and hearing healthcare. I decided to become an Independent hearing healthcare provider because I believe that Independence allows me to offer the best possible care. It means that I can offer any one of the best hearing aids in the world based on your needs, not mine. It really is that simple, you will always get from me what is best for you.


Get to know me better

What is Independent?

Independence means that I have no contractual agreements to provide one particular Manufacturer's hearing aids. Nor as a business owner do I have a Regional Manager pressurizing me for figures. It simply means I can offer the best hearing aid for you and your hearing loss from a huge choice of hearing devices. It allows me to fit the hearing aids that are going to be most suitable for you

My Philosophy

My philosophy is simple, I want to offer the best hearing health care possible in a friendly but professional environment. For me, relationships with my customers are more important than sales figures. You will never feel pressurized here and your first consultation is always free. So let's work together to make sure you live life like you used to.

Commitment To Quality

I love the joy that I can bring when someone is able to hear well and re-connect to their family and social life. That feeling has made me ever committed to offering the highest quality in all that I do. I am committed to helping you hear better and re-connect with your world and the people that you love

The best equipment available

Most Modern Up-To-Date Testing

I have invested heavily in the best audiological equipment available including a purpose built sound booth. So you can be sure that you are getting high quality testing with accurate results. Results that will allow me to make the right recommendation for you.

That type of accuracy is important not just for making the right recommendation but also to custom fit your hearing aid devices to suit you. Otherwise the fitting of the hearing aids is based on possibly inaccurate information.

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  • As a musician with a hearing disability I have been a client of Cathryn for the past eight years. I cannot speak highly enough of her. Cathryn has impressed me with her expert knowledge, patience and willingness to listen and give all the time necessary to get the best possible hearing aid fitting and programs

    Moya Cummings

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