Invisible Hearing Aids in Melbourne

July 28th 2016

Starkey was the very first hearing aid manufacturer to introduce the new Invisible Hearing Aid types several years ago with the SoundLens. They have just updated the technology introducing the SoundLens Synergy. For the first time ever, Starkey has introduced an invisible hearing aid that is wireless. 

The original SoundLens hearing devices were very well received, for the first time there was truly an invisible digital hearing aid. However, there were limitations on the technology within the devices, their size precluded the inclusion of wireless features. For people who wanted discretion, they were the ideal solution.

However, with continued research and development, Starkey has managed to remove those limitations. They can now offer the same discreet hearing solution without constraints. Let's take a look at the new range of SoundLens and what is on offer. 

SoundLens in hand
Starkey SoundLens Synergy in Hand

Starkey SoundLens Synergy

Starkey SoundLens SynergyThe SoundLens Synergy range is Starkey's latest and most-advanced invisible hearing aids. As with their predecessors, they will rest deep in your ear canal, so only you know they’re there. SoundLens Synergy hearing devices may be small, but Starkey has packed them with all of their leading technology. 

For the first time, Starkey SoundLens devices are now available in both wireless and non-wireless options. At the heart of SoundLens is Starkey’s new Synergy platform with twin compressor technology and a high-definition operating system called Acuity OS. The operating system is responsible for running all of the functions of the hearing aid. 

Connect To Your World

Wireless connectivity delivers real benefits for people with hearing loss, it gives you the ability to connect to all of the devices you use every day. The introduction of wireless to the SounLens allows you to connect to your mobile phone or any of the Starkey Wireless Accessory products even while wearing the most discreet hearing aids available.

Technology Levels

The Soundlens is available in three levels of technology ranging from premium to standard and they are. 

The Premium i2400 (wireless and non-wireless) 

The Advanced i2000 (non-wireless)

The Standard i1600 (non-wireless)

Let's Talk About the Styles

In the premium range the devices come in two styles, but just in the premium range. The lower technology levels have no wireless option. 

Starkey SoundLens Wireless

Wireless (invisible-in-canal) device, only available in the premium range i2400

Starkey SoundLens Non-Wireless

non-wireless (completely-in-canal) available in all tech levels

Key Hearing Aid Features

Acuity OS

At the heart of SoundLens is Starkey’s new Synergy platform with twin compressor technology (the computer brains) and a high-definition operating system called  Acuity OS.  This is in essence, the management system of the hearing aid. It runs everything that the hearing aid does, deciding which features are working and how. 

Acuity Binaural Imaging

Made for the way people hear

A fancy name for a more natural listening experience. This is an ear to ear communication feature which allows the hearing aids to make collaborative decisions. This ensures that speech audibility can be preserved while simultaneously maintain comfort.

Acuity Lifescape Analyzer

Listening enjoyment

Letting you enjoy listening in every setting. This feature is an environmental detection system. It has seven sound classes pre-programmed  which allow it to handle multiple environments simultaneously and deliver Starkey's most sophisticated and accurate classification and adaptation system ever.

Acuity Speech Optimisation

Multi-segment compression

Starkey's proprietary multi-segment compression architecture, Acuity Speech Optimisation, combines speech audibility and overall comfort to achieve Starkey Sound.

Acuity Directionality

Superior directional detection

Designed to improve speech detection in difficult listening environments, Acuity Directionality is intelligent and personalised to continually adapt in all channels, prioritising conversations with up to 6dB of speech enhancement, so you can better hear and participate in conversations from all directions.

Acuity Voice

Optimal audibility in noisy environments

Acuity Voice runs in parallel with Acuity Lifescape Analyzer to provide optimal audibility for speech. Its two-part algorithm uses dynamic voice identification, coupled with a spectral noise control that calculates appropriate gain on a per-channel basis, for unprecedented sound quality, ease of listening, and intelligibility of speech in noise.


Music the way it was meant to be heard

With Starkey's revolutionary new platform and OS, Muse is designed to enhance the way patients listen to music. This unique prescription focuses on music enjoyment, makes soft music sounds audible, can be fit easily to accommodate your subjective hearing tastes, adapts and improves music listening sound quality automatically.

WhistleFree Feedback Cancellation

Feedback management

The only proactive feedback management system, Starkey's WhistleFree Feedback Cancellation anticipates feedback and can be personalised to product and patient.


Effortless connections with SurfLink streaming media, only available in wireless enabled versions of the SoundLens.

Speech Shift

Enjoy every conversation

Engineered to enhance real-time audibility by identifying high-frequency speech cues and replicating them in lower frequencies, Speech Shift is unlike other technologies that apply frequency compression broadly. Muse maintains these frequency relationships retaining sound quality while providing clarity for high-frequency speech.

Surface Nanoshield

Reliable, durable and hassle-free

Surface Nanoshield, Starkey's next generation moisture and wax repellent ensures reliability and durability. This nano-coating delivers excellent protection from water, wax and oils.

Multiflex Tinnitus Relief

Personalised tinnitus relief

Starkey's patent-pending Multiflex Tinnitus Technology is now standard on all product styles and technology levels. Designed with personalization and flexibility in mind, Multiflex Tinnitus Technology works as a wireless binaural system with synchronised user controls providing the best comfort and control.

Starkey are just one of the ranges of hearing devices we provide in our Melbourne hearing clinic. If you have any questions about hearing aids or hearing loss, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

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