Starkey Muse Hearing Aids

July 22nd 2016

Starkey, who is one of the hearing aid manufacturers we supply in Melbourne, has just introduced a brand new range of hearing aids. They call it the Muse and they say that it will deliver outstanding results for people who like to listen to music. It will do far more than that, let's have a look.

Starkey Muse

The Muse™ is Starkey's latest wireless hearing solution with using their all new Synergy® platform. Synergy is set apart in hearing aids by being the only platform to feature quad-core twin compressor technology. Synergy, in combination with their new hearing aid management system, Acuity OS, enables speech and sounds like music to be processed differently and uniquely for the first time ever. Delivering advancing speech audibility and listening enjoyment of music in all environments.

Synergy also incorporates 900sync Technology, their patient preferred wireless technology, delivering a pristine audio experience.

Technology Levels

The Muse range is available in three levels of hearing device technology ranging from the Premium level to the Standard level:

The Premium is called the i2400 range

The Advanced is called the i2000 range

The Standard is called the i1600 range

Starkey Muse Range
Starkey Muse Styles

Let's Talk Styles

The Muse range of hearing aids comes in a variety of hearing device styles/models. The following are the models available at launch. 

Starkey Muse BTE

Wireless BTE device, powerful but discreet traditional type BTE hearing aid. With rocker switch and telecoil (size 312 battery)

Starkey Muse Micro RIC

Wireless RIC (receiver-in-canal) device, small, ultra discreet but powerful hearing solution. With push button and multiflex tinnitus therapy (size 312 battery)

Starkey Muse CIC

Wireless CIC (completely-in-canal) device, small, ultra discreet but powerful hearing solution with optional telecoil depending on the size of the canal (Size 10/312 battery)

Starkey Muse ITC

Wireless ITC (in-the-canal) device, small, ultra discreet but powerful hearing solution, with telecoil (Size 312 battery)

Starkey Muse ITE

Wireless ITE (in-the-ear) device, powerful custom hearing solution with telecoil (Size 13 battery)

We are pretty impressed with the line-up and fascinated by the dedicated strategy for music. Something that should deliver real benefits for music lovers. If you have any questions about Starkey hearing aids or any of other hearing aids in Melbourne, why don't you give us a call?

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