Starkey Introduces Rechargeable Hearing Aids

February 6th 2017

Rechargeable hearing aids really are big news right now, not to be outdone, Starkey have announced their own rechargeable option to be released soon. 

Just recently, Starkey announced that they had entered a new partnership with ZPower to bring their own rechargeable hearing aid option to the market this month. ZPower systems are based on Silver-Zinc techology, not Lithium-ion. This has advantages and disadvantages over the Lithium-ion power packs that we have seen to date.

Silver-Zinc systems mean that the battery used is in fact replaceable, so if you forget to charge it, you can simply slip in a normal hearing aid battery. That isn't possible with Lithium-ion. Silver-Zinc is also smaller than the Lithium-Ion packs, so it is possible to make smaller hearing aids.

There are always cons though, Silver-Zinc will need to be replaced about once a year, although they are relatively inexpensive. Lithium-Ion may need to be replaced once every five years. However, there is also a little bit of a pro in this, Silver-Zinc replacement is as simple as you taking out the old one and putting in the new one. Replacement of Lithium-Ion means you will have to send the hearing aids back to the factory. Let's look at what we know, courtesy of Hearing Aid Know.  


Muse™ micro RIC 312t

Starkey Rechargeable hearing aids
Starkey Rechargeable Hearing Aid Option

The Muse™ micro RIC 312t is Starkey’s® “made for music” hearing aid. The offering is not a Lithium-ion device nor is the power pack integrated. The power pack is actually ZPower’s innovative silver-zinc battery technology. Which is used with their charger to give give 24 hours of use. Going with this option will allow Starkey customers to switch to normal disposable batteries if they are caught out. According to the announcement, it seems that the Muse micro RIC 312t will be available in the full three levels of technology. That's i2400, i2000 and i1600.  

What are the key features

  • Rechargeable silver-zinc power cell
  • 24 hours continuous use,  no word on streaming yet
  • Available in all levels of tech
  • Easy to replace
  • Can use normal batteries in an emergency

While this isn't a Lithium-Ion offering, it is still an excellent rechargeable hearing aid option. So much so, that even if they did decide to introduce an integrated Lithium-ion option, it would be hard to pick between the two for benefits.

As more information becomes available, I will of course let you know, if you have any questions on hearing aids, hearing loss or hearing healthcare, don't hesitate to give us a call.

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