Smallest Ever RIC Hearing Aid

September 26th 2016

Moxi Now beside two stacked blueberriesUnitron has just announced the release of a brand new addition to their North Hearing Aid Range called the Moxi™ Now, and it is the world’s smallest wireless receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aid. That there is bragging rights!

Moxi Now is the latest addition to Unitron’s line up of Moxi RIC hearing devices available on the North platform. Unitron say it will be available in the Pro, 800, 700 and 600 technology levels. Unfortunately they have no plans to deliver it in the starter range. The Moxi Now is a small but powerful addition to the RIC range with a choice of two levels of receiver that ensure it covers hearing losses almost down to the profound level. The instruments will be suitable for people with severe hearing losses which means for the first time there is a really discrete RIC option in that category. We can't wait until we can offer this hearing aid in Melbourne. 

Smallest RIC hearing aid in the world
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As you can see from the lead picture of the article, the Moxi Now really is small, that is it's exact size beside two stacked blueberries. According to Unitron, Moxi Now measures just 20.2mm tall and 6.5mm wide. It is 39% smaller than their own next smallest RIC, and 14% smaller than the next closest competitor. It is an exceptionally discrete device on the ear and it's shape ensures that it lies well on the back of the ear. My colleagues who have had the opportunity to wear one say that after a couple of minutes it is easy to forget that it is on. Unitron have designed both the shape of the receiver wire and the device itself to ensure that the hearing device stays on the ear.

Moxi Now


The new hearing device has been designed to offer discretion and ease of use. It is a put on and forget hearing aid and it is fully automatic. So if you are somebody who just wants a discrete option that you can put on and forget, then this device may well be the one for you.

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