No More Batteries! Phonak Rechargeable Hearing Aids

September 19th 2016

Phonak have just introduced a rechargeable hearing aid range for the first time ever. While it is interesting in itself, is it a sign of wider things to come across the hearing aid world? Let's talk rechargeable hearing aids. 

You can see a full rundown on the latest Phonak hearing aids here

The Audeo BR Hearing Aid Range

First let's take a look at the Belong B-R from Phonak, their first ever foray into rechargeable hearing aids. This is a whole new concept for them, although rechargeable hearing aids have been around for many years, phonak has never gone down that route. Let's talk about what the range has to offer. 

Free yourself from changing your batteries

Audeo B-R rechargeable hearing aids
The Phonak Audeo B (Belong) - R (Rechargeable)

So, Phonak say they have created the brand new Audéo B-R to simplify your life (bet you didn't know it needed simplifying!). All joking aside, the opportunity for many hearing device users to get a chance to free themselves from the hassles of disposable hearing aid batteries would probably be welcome.

Up to now, rechargeable battery technology has not been completely successful at offering a full day's use of hearing aids. However, and probably the reason Phonak have at last introduced the innovation, lithium-ion technology has become more stable offering an ideal solution for hearing aids. 

Phonak say that their built-in lithium-ion battery technology will offer you 24 hours of better hearing between charges. That includes up to eighty minutes streaming which is enough to cover most people's phone use during the day. 

Ground Breaking Tech

Audeo B-R hearing aids in Case


The lithium-ion battery has 40% more power than conventional rechargeable batteries, lithium-ion is reliable and capable of supporting the superior technology and performance of Phonak hearing aids. Phonak is in fact the first manufacturer to us Lithium-ion batteries. 

Quick Charging

The devices are quick charging with just three hours of charge giving you 24 hours uninterrupted listening. With its easy to use case, optional stand alone power pack and small desk top charger, it is obvious that they have thought carefully about the device and it's users. 


As I said, this may be the first time that Phonak have introduced rechargeable hearing aids but they have been around for a while. Siemens and Hansaton have built rechargeable hearing aids for some time, however, they were never really successfull. Mainly because many people were worried about the life of the batteries and whether they would deliver a full day. 

The introduction of Lithium-ion batteries reduces this fear, the battery technology is good for delivering high power solutions. I expect to see more and more of the manufacturers go down this route. I also think that once Phonak get a handle on the success of the B-R, they will probably extend their rechargeable options. 

We will keep you updated on the introduction of the Audeo B-R to Australia, meanwhile, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to give me a call. 

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