What free to client To Client Hearing Aids are Available For Pensioners & Veterans?

December 19th 2015

There are a great deal of free to client hearing aids from many hearing aid manufacturers available through the Office of Hearing Services scheme for eligible clients. Many people don't realise that there are actually more than just hearing aids available. If you are not ready for hearing aids there are also personal amplification products that can help with specific situations. Let's talk free to client OHS hearing solutions.

Australian Government Hearing Service Program

Not just hearing aids

People are often surprised to find out that there aren't just free to client hearing aids available to eligible pensioners and veterans. The OHS also supplies personal amplification products for people who aren't ready for hearing aids or are just looking for a solution for just one situation, like the TV. 

Pocket talkers & TV amplifiers

There are quite a few excellent pocket talkers and TV amplifiers available through the programme. A pocket talker is just as it sounds, it is usually the size of a small walkman. You slip it in your pocket and wear an earbud or headphone. The device amplifies incoming speech to a comfortable level. Personally I see it as great for people who are not able to manage hearing aids. Some people feel more comfortable with a pocket talker than a hearing aid. 

TV amplifiers are systems that are used at home just for the TV, more often than not it comes in two parts. One part connects to the TV and the other is worn on the body with earphones. The device connected to the TV sends audio directly to the part worn, which allows someone to hear the TV audio directly. They can be very helpful for someone who just wants to hear the TV.  

The free to client to client hearing aids

As I said, there is a huge list of hearing aids available free to client to pensioners and veterans that are eligible for the OHS scheme. I won't detail everyone here, what I would rather do is speak about the type and technology levels. While these are more general, it still will give you a really clear idea of what is available free to client on the scheme. I will talk a little later about the exact products. So first, let's talk hearing aid technology levels.

Unitron hearing aids
free to client hearing aids on the OHS scheme

Hearing aid technology available

Hearing aid technology really falls into four overall categories, entry level, basic, mid level and high end technology. The differences in technology level is usually based on the features that are available on the devices (the software). The higher the technology level, the better the hearing aids work in more demanding sound environments. It really is as simple as that, more features, higher technology, better hearing in demanding situations. 

Not everyone needs high technology

Not every person with a hearing loss needs high end technology, in fact far from it. You should base your need for technology levels on your lifestyle demands in general. There are some complicating factors, for instance, some people have difficulty in deciphering the speech information delivered to them because of cognitive issues. In a case like that, the higher the hearing aid technology, usually the better the results. However, this is not the norm. 

free to client pensioners' & veterans' hearing aid technology on the OHS scheme

In general the technology level available free to client on the OHS scheme falls within the entry and basic level categories. There are entry and basic level hearing devices available from all of the world leading hearing device equipment manufacturers. These are normally the very latest hearing solutions available from those brands. The OHS does not drag it's feet on introducing the latest technology, as soon as it is available it is introduced. Because of this, the list of actual free to client hearing aids is quite often updated. So you can be assured, that the scheme is delivering the latest technology available in the entry level and basic level technology bands. 

Hearing aid manufacturers available on the OHS scheme

As I said, all of the world leading names are available on the scheme, there are hearing devices from Sonova, who own the Unitron and Phonak brands. William Demant, who own the Oticon and Bernafon brands. Widex, Starkey, Siemens (now Sivantos) and GN Resound to name just a few. These are all world recognised brands that are well respected.

Hearing aid types available on the OHS scheme

There are two overall hearing aid types available from the big manufacturers. In The Ear (custom ITE) hearing aids and traditional Behind The Ear (BTE) hearing aids are available. There are no Receiver In Canal (RIC sometimes called RITE) hearing aids available free to client on the scheme. However, they are available as top up hearing devices. 

In The Ear hearing aids

The ITE hearing aids available on the scheme cover nearly all the custom types available from CIC (completely In Canal) to larger ITE models. So you have options for very discreet hearing aids if your hearing loss suits. 

BTE hearing aids

The BTE hearing aids available on the scheme run the gamut of devices available. Thin tube mini BTEs, traditional tube and mould BTEs all the way to power devices for people with severe hearing loss. 

Specialist hearing devices available on the OHS scheme

There are also so called specialist hearing devices available on the scheme such as CROS devices for people with single sided deafness and bone conduction hearing aids for people with middle ear problems. There are even bone conduction spectacle hearing aids available as are body worn aids. The OHS has ensured that every hearing aid type for every hearing loss type is available free to client to clients.  

Top up hearing aids

If you feel that the technology levels of the hearing aids that are available free to client on the scheme aren't for you or your lifestyle. You can avail of what has become known as the top up scheme. In essence, every hearing aid under the sun is available as a top up device. In the case that you decide to go for a top up device, the OHS will make a contribution and you pay the balance. It is as simple as that. 

Many people get on well with the free to client to client hearing aids that are available, it really does depend on their lifestyle demands. If your lifestyle is relatively sedentary, and you just want hearing aids to hear the TV, the radio and to be able to converse in small groups, entry and basic level hearing aid technology should do the job for you. 

I won't publish a list of products that are available, because they change on a regular enough basis. However, if you would like to find out more about the exact products available, drop me a line and I will make the latest list available to you. You can read more about eligibility for the free to client Pensioners' and Veterans hearing aid scheme here

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