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December 11th 2015

As an Independent hearing aid centre, we only provide the latest hearing aids from world leading hearing aid brands. We do so in order that you can be sure that you are getting the best hearing aids available for your hearing loss. We know that what is best for you, is best for us. We are so confident of our ability to deliver better hearing to you that we offer free, no obligation hearing aid trials where suitable

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All of the best hearing aids from the best brands in Melbourne

Why I Think I am Right For You

I am committed to providing the best hearing aids and hearing care service in Melbourne. That is why I only use the latest digital hearing aids from the best hearing aid manufacturers in the world. I want to ensure that you have better hearing today, tomorrow and for the life of the hearing aids I provide. That is why I back up those hearing aids with a strong after care service. I continually update my hearing aid programming skills through further education in order that I can offer the best service available with these products as they are updated.

My Patients and the relationship I have with them is important, that's why there is never any pressure and as an adult your first consultation is always free. I have remained an Independent hearing services provider because it means that I am free to deliver what is best for you, not some arbitrary sales figures or contractual agreement. 

As an adult, your first consultation is free

Our Hearing Aids

We supply hearing aids from manufacturers such as Phonak, GN ReSound, Widex, Unitron, Siemens, Oticon, Bernafon & starkey. These are all hearing aid brands that have been popular in Australia and across the world for many years. Each hearing aid brand is individually known for different forms of innovation within the hearing aid industry. Each of the manufacturers has delivered ground breaking products at different times that have dramatically changed the lives of people with hearing loss. 

hearing aids in Melbourne
Starkey Hearing Aid Range .

Looking For The Best Hearing Aids & Hearing Care in Melbourne?

If you are looking for the best, than look no further, I offer the latest hearing aids available and consistent lifetime aftercare to my Patients. I want to provide you with hearing solutions that work for you every day in all of your day to day experiences. I am committed to delivering the best outcomes possible to you because I know we will be in it for the long term. 

A relationship is more important than sales figures

I believe that a great relationship with the people I help is more important than sales figures, that is why I stay Independent. I do so, so that I can ensure that You can listen, communicate, and participate more fully in your day to day life. Let me take care of Your hearing so that you can live your life hassle free.

So if you are looking for a hearing test or hearing aids in Melbourne, why don't you give us a call on 03 8740 2135 or book an appointment online now

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