Looking for a hearing test in Melbourne?

December 13th 2015

What You Can Expect

So you want to get your hearing tested, but you are a little nervous about the test. There really is no need, it is quick, painless and non-intrusive. Let's go through the hearing test step by step so you know what to expect.

There are a couple of standard steps that are part of a hearing test and hearing aid evaluation that we undertake at Chelsea Hearing. The hearing test is genuinely easy and non intrusive and usually takes about an hour to complete.

The equipment

At Chelsea Hearing we use a full purpose built soundproof room and we have an integrated computer based system. The soundproof booth allows us to test your ability to hear in the quietest environment possible, it is a large airy room which means no claustrophobia. We also use some hand held equipment for differing parts of the examination. Lets look at the procedure. 

Case History

At the beginning of the hearing test we will take a case history, this part of the test allows us to understand any medical history that pertains to your hearing loss and how much your hearing problem is affecting your life as well as the lives of your family. We will ask questions about when and how your sense of a hearing loss started, what are the problem areas you are experiencing, if there is ringing in your ears (tinnitus) and if you experience dizziness. We will also ask some basic questions about your general health history. 

Hearing test Melbourne
Hearing test Melbourne

The Hearing Test

The Pure Tone hearing test itself will be undertaken in the sound proof room to ensure the best results possible. The full hearing test can involve some or all of the following tests;

Pure tone testing (Audiometry)
Speech testing (Audiometry)
Acoustic Reflex Threshold testing

Depending on what we find and your level of energy, not all of the tests may be undertaken, the need for each test is based on different findings or indications. The results from your hearing test will give us a clear understanding of your hearing ability. The answers about your daily life and perception of the impact of your hearing loss in the case study give us a comprehensive understanding of the impact of your hearing loss. The combined elements of the tests let us know what type of hearing aid technology is right for you.  Depending on the results of your test, you may be referred to a specialist if needed, this is a rare occurrence though. 

What's next?

If your hearing test reveals a permanent treatable hearing loss, we will discuss treatment options with you. Normally we will recommended a hearing device for one or both ears.  We will explain why you need them, covering what sounds you are not hearing and what a hearing aid can do to help. We will always ensure that you are completely clear on what we propose, how we propose to deliver it and how you can be expected to benefit from it. Then it is up to you to make decisions about what you want to do next. 

Hearing Aid Solutions

If you want to move forward with hearing aids, we can help you choose the best hearing aid style, features and level of technology based on your degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, and financial circumstances.  The final decision on how to move forward is always your decision, we never apply any pressure. I see my job as informative only, I am not here to sell you anything.

If you make a decision to go ahead with hearing aids, we will move forward with fulfilling the order. We may take impressions of your ears if you selected a custom hearing aid or a behind-the-ear hearing aid that requires an earmould.  Hearing aids must usually be ordered from a manufacturer and then programmed by us to meet your specific hearing needs. The process can take a couple of weeks. If you have any questions, contact us at our hearing aid centre in Melbourne.

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