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Hearing Tests & Hearing Healthcare Services in Melbourne

We offer hearing tests for adult and children among other hearing healthcare services at our Practice in Chelsea, call us on 03 8740 2135 or book your appointment online now. 

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Hearing Care, Hearing Tests and Hearing Aids in Melbourne

I offer a wide range of hearing healthcare services at our hearing aid centre in Chelsea. I am committed to delivering best practise clinical, diagnostic, hearing tests to my customers, undertaking full auditory work-ups that diagnose exactly what the issue is in order that I can recommend the best solutions

Hearing Aids Repair Melbourne

We offer a full repair service for all makes of hearing aids from all of the major manufacturers. Simple repairs (wax filters, new receivers etc) and cleaning will be done on site. More complex repairs will be sent back to the relevant manufacturer. Loan aids are available if needed but unfortunately on a first come first served basis. It is best to book an appointment if a repair is needed on the spot. Or you can drop in your hearing aids for repair, and I'll call and let you know what needs to happen.

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Hearing Aids in Melbourne

Hearing aids can be a great option for people with a permanent hearing loss, and ongoing technology advancements mean they are getting smaller and more discreet constantly.
If you would like to discuss having hearing aids fitted we can book an initial consultation to discuss your options to suit and enhance your lifestyle. This may include a hearing test if you have not already had one. There is no obligation to proceed with hearing aids at this stage and you will not be pressured into making any decisions on the day. When discussing the best hearing aids for you we will take into consideration your hearing needs as well as your preferences for:

  • size;
  • cost;
  • style;
  • your ability to manage the hearing aids (eg changing batteries etc).

If you decide to proceed with having hearing aids fitted we will then book two follow up appointments to manage your transition to your new hearing aids. A fitting appointment will generally take one hour, and will occur 2 weeks after your hearing aids have been ordered. The fitting appointment will allow us to personalise your hearing aids to suit your needs. We do this by measuring the output of the hearing aid and adjusting to match a prescription based on your hearing loss. We will then walk you through you to use your new hearing aids so that you can take them home and try them out. 

A Review appointment will be booked for one or two weeks later to allow any additional adjustments to be made once you have had a few weeks experience with your new hearing aids.

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Hearing Tests Melbourne

A hearing test for an adult will usually take about one hour to complete.
Your appointment will include an explanation of your results. If your tests indicate that you have a hearing loss, management options will be discussed where you can feel free to ask any questions you may have. You will be given a copy of your results for your own records, and a report can be written to your doctor if required.

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Custom Ear Plugs Melbourne

Chelsea Hearing offer a range of custom made earplugs including:
Swim plugs;
Solid earplugs;
Musicians’ earplugs;
Communication earpieces;
Impressions for musicians' monitors.
In order for custom earplugs to be made, impressions need to be taken of your ears. The appointment takes 30 minutes. During this time we will discuss your requirements and make a recommendation of the most suitable product.
Custom impressions will be taken of your ears to ensure the best fit possible. They take about 8 minutes to set, and will feel cool and squishy. The set impressions are then sent to the manufacturer to tailor make your earplugs to suit your needs. The earplugs will be ready to fit 2 weeks later.

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Pensioner Hearing Aids Melbourne

The Hearing Services Program operates the Australian Government Hearing Services Program and is the largest funding body of hearing services in Australia. It provides subsidised Audiological care to eligible people:

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Balance Tests Melbourne

Balance Services are provided by Jessica Blakeley, through Ears in Balance. Ears in Balance can assess the different structures of the inner ear that makeup part of the balance system using comprehensive assessments that are based on the latest research in the field. Services are bulk billed with GP referral.

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