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Transparent Hearing Aid Prices


At Chelsea Hearing, we believe in open and transparent pricing so you are aware of the costs involved in both the hearing aid/s and the clinical time and skills of your audiologist. Because of this ethos, we have introduced a clear and transparent price structure which includes unbundling of cost. 

What is unbundling?

We unbundle the cost of the hearing device from the services and offer service package options for you to choose from.  This means you simply purchase your hearing aid/s for a close to wholesale list price then choose the service option that suits your needs.
This allows many people to make better use of private health insurance extras rebates, and also allows costs to be spread over a longer period. 


Our margins

Our margins are the same across all of our hearing aids.  This ensures there is no incentive to recommend anything other than what suits your needs.  Our costs are covered by our clinical fees for our expertise and time.  The clinical fees cover more than just your audiologists’ wages, they cover reception staff, rent of building, power, phone, diagnostic equipment and software, equipment calibration, single-use equipment, cleaning and much more.

What Hearing Aids Do We Sell?

Chelsea Hearing has accounts with all of the major manufacturers including:


  • Bernafon
  • GN ReSound
  • Oticon
  • Phonak
  • Siemens / Signia / Sivantos
  • Sonic Innovations
  • Starkey
  • Unitron
  • Widex

We fit the latest models that are recognised all over Australia and internationally.  The exact model/s that we recommend for you will be based on your hearing loss, needs, ear size and shape and personal preferences.  We have over 800 current models to choose from!
Many clinics only fit hearing aids from one or two manufacturers.  By having access to hearing aids from all major manufacturers we ensure that we are able to recommend the hearing aids that are most suitable for your needs.
Some large clinics fit “white label” hearing aids, which are made by these manufacturers, but re-branded for a specific clinic.  It’s often difficult to get information about exactly what model the hearing aids are based on, and it’s sometimes not even possible to take these hearing aids to another clinic to have them adjusted.  Chelsea Hearing does NOT fit white label hearing aids.


What do hearing aids cost for Private Clients?

Hearing aid prices range from $499 per hearing aid for the most basic options, up to $4,300 per hearing aid for our most expensive hearing aids.  In addition to this you will need to choose one of the following service options:

  • Fitting only:  $450.00 (includes your initial audiogram, fitting of hearing aid/s and up to 2 follow-up appointments during the first month).  Any further appointments are billed at $150 per appointment. 
  • 1 Year Service (includes fitting):  $600
  • 3 Years Service (includes fitting):  $900
  • 5 Years Service (includes fitting):  $1200

If you need two hearing aids, you pay for two hearing aids, but you only pay for one service pack, as long as the hearing aids are the same model.  We can fit two hearing aids together just as easily as fitting one. 
Note:  Service packages do not include the cost of batteries or repairs outside of warranty.
Appointments outside of service package are billed at $150 per appointment.


Hearing Aids and Fitting Only May Work Best For:

  • Experienced hearing aid users with stable hearing who know that they don’t need many appointments, especially if your new hearing aids are going to be very similar to your previous ones.
  • People who usually live in another area, who need to get hearing aids now, but will be going to another provider for follow up care.  Eg:  someone on holidays from interstate or overseas
  • Someone who is purchasing two identical sets of hearing aids (one as a spare) may choose a service package with one set and fitting only for the second set.
  • Someone who has lost their hearing aids and has already paid for a service package.

Hearing Aids + Service Pack is recommended for:

  • Someone who is new to hearing aids.
  • Someone who likes knowing that all service has been paid for and is available as required
  • Someone who has a complex hearing loss
  • Someone whose hearing is getting worse or fluctuates.
  • This option may be preferred by people using superannuation to pay for hearing aids, as you are paying for everything up front in one go.

OHS Clients

People who are eligible for the Office of Hearing Services Program will continue to have their services funded in the same way that they always have.
For OHS clients our hearing aids start at fully subsidised (ie no cost to the client) and go up to $3,900 per hearing aid.  OHS clients can choose to pay an annual maintenance fee of $44.84 per year (current for 2017/2018) which covers maintenance and batteries.  Appointments are covered under the hearing services program.  This means that it is possible for OHS eligible clients to have their hearing assessed, hearing aids fitted and batteries supplied for a little as $44.84.

Can I bring hearing aids that I have already purchased?

Yes!  We are happy to see patients with hearing aids that they have already purchased.  If you require fitting of these hearing aids you will need to purchase a fitting pack or 1-year service pack.  If you just need adjustments you will be billed at the rate of $150 per appointment. 
Chelsea Hearing does not take any responsibility for ensuring that hearing aids that have been purchased elsewhere are the genuine model, or that they are suitable for you.  Additionally, white label hearing aids often can’t be programmed by other providers and must be taken back to the clinic that you purchased them from.

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