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January 28th 2016

Phonak have recently introduced their latest Receiver in Canal (RIC) hearing aid range The Audeo Virto. We have spoken about them briefly before but I would like to take a deeper look at them and their technology levels. 

Audeo V90 hearing aids Melbourne
Phonak Audeo V Hearing Aid Range

Phonak Audeo V90 Hearing Aids

The latest Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing aid range from Phonak is based on their new Venture platform. The range comes in three different designs making it a versatile but discreet option.  The Audeo V range replaces the Audeo Q (Quest Platform) hearing aid range. I have used Phonak devices for many years and I have always been impressed with their build quality and the results that they deliver. It seems from our experience so far, the new Audeo V range will be no different. The range comes in four levels of technology, the V90, the V70, the V50 and the V30. Initially I would like to look at the V90, what are the types, the features and what they can do for you. 

Hearing Aid Types & Technology

The Phonak Audeo V90 contains the highest level of technology in the Audeo range. It has 20 sound processing channels which means that it can be customised well to even the most difficult of hearing losses. The devices also have a wide range of programmes and features to help you to hear in challenging environments. This RIC (Receiver In Canal) hearing aid is available in 11 different colour options.

Hearing Aid Channels

Before I move on, I would like to speak about channels in hearing aids. Channels are used to split up the frequencies of hearing. They are also used to apply the different features of the hearing aids. The idea is that the more channels there is, the better the hearing aid works. However, there is some debate about how many channels there should be. The general belief in the big manufacturers is that between fifteen and twenty channels is the optimum, any more than that delivers no more benefit. 

What's the benefit to you?

The more channels there is, the better a hearing aid can be customised to your hearing loss. It means that the hearing aid can reflect the exact amplification that you need at every frequency. When it comes to features, the benefit delivered is by the features being applied across the number of channels. For instance, it means that noise reduction can be applied across the individual channels allowing a more focused approach and a better experience for you.

Back to the Audeo 

The dust proof coating on the Audeo Virto range is also water repellent, ensuring that your hearing aid stays in great working order for longer. Phonak’s Binaural VoiceStream TechnologyTM allows one hearing aid to recognise speech sounds and transmit the speech to both hearing aids in real time. This technology works alongside various other features to give you the best hearing clarity in different challenging listening situations.

The four behind the ear models of Audeo are:

  • Audeo V90-10 which takes a size 10 battery
  • Audeo V90-312 which takes a size 312 battery
  • Audeo V90-312T is the same again but with the addition of a telecoil receiver for a loop system
  • Audeo V90-13 is the largest and fits a size 13 battery.

Let's talk about what's on board the devices and what benefit it will deliver. 

AutoSense OS


Phonak autosense iconAn outstanding automatic feature that seamlessly alters your hearing aids to your changing listening environment. AutoSense OS is the operating system and management system of the new Venture platform, it accurately captures the precise listening environment you are in, changing when it needs to, to provide you with a comfortable, seamless listening experience throughout your day.

Speech in Loud Noise

Phonak speech in loud noise iconThe feature helps you focus in on the single voice you want to hear from a noisy crowd. When noise reaches a level that makes understanding one person in a crowd difficult, StereoZoom, Phonak's excellent microphone management system is automatically activated, allowing you to focus on the voice you want to hear and ignore the noise you don't.

Speech in 360°

Phonak speech in 360 iconUnderstand speech from any direction. The Speech in 360 feature automatically selects the direction of speech and sends this speech signal from one hearing aid to the other, improving clarity and speech intelligibility without the need for you to face the speaker.

Speech in Wind

Phonak speech in wind iconEnjoy conversations even on a windy day. When wearing hearing aids wind noise can interfere with your speech understanding and listening comfort. The Speech in Wind feature enhances your ability to understand speech well, even when the wind is blowing.

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While all of the Audeo V90s are automatic hearing aids, it is also a multi programme aid and the programmes include;

Automatic Programmes

  • Comfort in Echo, which reduces the noise of echo making it easier to hear speech.
  • Speech in Car, which makes it easier to follow conversations when you can’t take your eyes off the road. We have had fantastic feedback on this strategy. 
  • Speech in Loud Noise, reduces the effect of loud noise making it easier to understand speech.
  • Music, giving you better clarity when listening to your favourite music.
  • Comfort in Noise, reduces loud noise to make your hearing more comfortable.
  • Speech in Noise, focuses your hearing to the front, reducing noise behind you.
  • Calm Situation, adjusts your hearing aids for comfort and better hearing in quiet environments and one to one conversations.

Manual Programmes

Speech in Wind

When you are outside, the sound of the wind can drown out all conversation. This programme works out which hearing aid is getting the better speech signal and using the Binaural VoiceStream Technology sends the speech to both hearing aids. This improves speech clarity and also reduces the effect of wind noise.

Acoustic Phone

This programme is designed to make it easier to talk on the telephone. The hearing aid on the telephone side transmits the speech to both hearing aids simultaneously, which improves speech clarity whilst reducing the sound of distractions in the room.

Key Features

Stereo Zoom

This feature is designed to focus the hearing aids automatically on the clearest speech sound they can pick up. Ideal for noisy environments where there is background conversation.

Zoom Control

Rather than just focusing on sounds in front of you, this features can focus on speech sounds to the side or behind you. This is ideal for situations where you cannot easily turn to face the speaker, such as when you are driving and trying to listen to directions from your passengers.


Directional microphones allow you to pick up the sound from all around you giving you a wide range to hear sound. The ultrazoom feature narrows this range to focus on a small area where someone is speaking. This gives you better speech understanding and reduces the effect of background noise.


This feature is designed to make it easier to talk on the telephone. The hearing aid on the telephone side transmits the speech to both hearing aids simultaneously, which improves speech clarity whilst reducing the sound of distractions in the room.

Flexcontrol and FlexVolume

The Flexcontrol and FlexVolume feature give the wearer more control over their hearing. It enables the wearer to fine tune their hearing aids for better hearing in different environments.


<p itemprop="description>Listening in assembly halls or places of worship is often a problem for hearing aid wearers due to the sound echoing around the room. This feature recognises the sound echo and removes it, without distorting the other sounds around you.


This feedback elimination feature recognises the feedback sound and removes it before you know it is there. As with the Echoblock feature, it can do this without sound distortion.


This feature recognises continuous background sounds, such as traffic noise through a window, the dishwasher or office photocopier. It can reduce the volume of this sound so that speech is clearer and easier to understand.


Removes the sound of the wind when you are outside.


Sudden loud sounds can be unpleasant or painful for those with hearing loss, particularly when it is amplified by your hearing aid. The SoundRelax feature can soften the impact of sudden loud sounds without distorting the other sounds around you.

Real Ear Sound

This feature allows the hearing aids to mimic the way the ear naturally listens. This, as well as the receiver in canal design, means that it is easier to determine the direction the sound is coming from.


This feature takes the high frequency sounds which are outside your hearing range, such as children’s voices and high pitched sounds, and makes them easier to hear.


Changing the volume or setting on one hearing aid will automatically change the other hearing aid as well. This synchronisation makes sure the hearing aids are always working together.

Tinnitus Balance Noise Generator

This feature helps to relieve the symptoms of tinnitus by generating a pleasant sound.

Phonak has a range of accessories which are fully compatible with the Audeo range.

Connect & Communicate

Phonak Audeo V is compatible with the Phonak wireless communication portfolio. These accessory wireless devices deliver quality sound, ease of use and support you across many different situations that you face on a day to day basis. The accessories really do make life easier in a host of situations. 

Phonak Easycall

Phonak Easycall

The Phonak EasyCall connects hearing aids wirelessly with any Bluetooth enabled cell phone. It binaurally streams the phone call directly to the hearing aids for maximum speech understanding.

Phonak Dect II

Phonak DECT phone

The Phonak DECT II is the ideal phone for use both at home or in a small office. The phone signal is streamed wirelessly to both hearing aids simultaneously. This provides unmatched sound quality and great understanding.

Phonak Conversation Set

Phonak conversation set

The small and stylish Phonak ComPilot Air II Bluetooth streamer, combined with the RemoteMic, transmits a distant speaker’s voice directly to both hearing aids over a distance of up to 20 meters (66 ft).

Phonak Entertainment Set

Phonak entertainment set

TVLink II, combined with ComPilot II provides high quality stereo sound directly to both hearing aids when watching TV or listening to music. 24 hours continuous streaming time and 30 meters range.

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