Trial Hearing Aids in Melbourne

December 2nd 2015

Hearing Aid Trials

We are so confident that we can deliver better hearing to you, that we want you to try our hearing aids before you buy them, so why don't you take advantage of a free hearing aid trial in Melbourne?

Unitron hearing aids in Chelsea


 In conjunction with the leading hearing aid manufacturer, Unitron, we are offering a Risk Free Trial of their Flex:trial hearing aids in Melbourne. Absolutely no obligation on you to continue with them

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Unitron Hearing Aids Melbourne
The Unitron North Hearing Aids

Better Hearing For you

If you think you are ready to move forward with hearing devices, but you aren't sure how much benefit you will get. Chelsea Hearing, Melbourne can help you to make the right decision by offering you a free, no obligation hearing aid trial.We are so convinced that we can deliver better hearing for you that we would really like you to try before you buy. That's why the Flex:trial from Unitron is an ideal solution, it allows us to set the hearing aids up for your hearing loss at the technology level you are interested in. So you will know exactly how you are going to get on with them in real world situations. 

Better Understanding For Us

Not just that, the hearing aids have an outstanding data collection feature called Log It All that will record the situations you are in and how the hearing aid reacts. This allows us a deeper understanding of your daily needs and it means that we can make even better recommendations and changes that will help you to hear better. 

Why don't you book your free consultation to find out more about how hearing aids might change your life.

The technology that is packed into these ultra small devices is just outstanding and we have many happy customers wearing them every day. We know we can give you better hearing, why don't you come along and see the results for yourself? If you are looking for a hearing test in Melbourne, why don't you give us a call. 

Live life like you used to! Arrange for your risk free hearing aid trial in Melbourne today by calling us direct on 03 8740 2135 or book your appointment now!

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